A focal point at Húsavík Green Hostel is the implementation of proactive measures to minimize the impact of the operation on the natural environment. This is a work in progress with the aim to become an efficient green and environmental hostel, where the thoughtful use of all resources is self-evident and is perceived as valuable asset:

  • Minimize the use of plastic

  • Exclusive use of biodegradable cleaning agents

  • Reducing, reusing and recycling waste

  • Measures to reduce daily laundry

  • Upcycling

  • Monitoring heat, water and electricity use

  • Exclusive use of LED light bulbs

  • Use of natural materials whenever possible

  • Promoting the Icelandic Pledge

  • Offering and promoting mobility alternatives, e.g. bicycles for rent

  • Minimizing ground sealing

  • Preferable use of native plants

  • Installation of bird feeders

  • Promoting local produce