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Surveying Lupine patches


Húsavík Green Hostel, also called "Prestsholt" by locals, is a former single family home built in 1927 that has been transformed into a hostel.

It is owned and run by Elke Christine Wald, who has been living in Iceland for more than 17 years and has traveled and appreciated much of the country throughout those years. Her expertise is in nature conservation, environment and natural resources, combined with consultancy and tourism.

Elke was significantly involved in developing the Húsavík Whale Museum and its whale research as project manager for nearly seven years, before she decided to acquire a MSc Degree in environment and natural resources at the University of Iceland.

After a few years employment in nature conservation back in Germany, she chose to return to Húsavík to tackle the spread of the Lupine, a plant that has been introduced for the purpose of land-restoration.

Until recently, Elke has also worked for one of the whale watching companies and decided to make Húsavík her permanent home.

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